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In the wildlife, there are many species survive in diverse regions. Here, you can get the comparison of deadly and bigger cat family puma vs cougar. The cat family is almost bigger one by different size, shape and habitat. Check out the interesting facts of both puma and cougar in the following.

Interesting facts about puma:-

Puma is a bigger and attractive felidae family and it is also known as Panther, Cougar and Mountain lion. Pumas are extremely solitary cats and obtain wide array of wild terrestrial animals in the living environment.

The wide range expands from Yokon, Canada to the South Andes in South America. However, everyone knows pumas are larger cats in the whole cat family and it’s not engage in the big cat category. It perfectly matches the leopard size and pulls everyone by the interesting facts.

It is one among the fourth heaviest in the cat’s world after the jaguar, tiger, lion and leopard. The mature pumas are agile and slender cats grow size around 2.4 metres i.e 8 feet from the top to bottom tail length 80 centimetres.

The height of the cat around 60 to 76 centimetres that is 2 to 2.5 feet height at the shoulder and weight between 53 to 72 kilograms in males and female pumas weight 34 to 48 kilograms in pounds 75 to 105.

The color of the puma reddish brown or in silver grey with full plain and it also have light patches beneath includes chin, throat and jaws. The roundhead pumas have upright ears and the front side legs larger in size than hind legs and suitable to hold the prey easily.

It have 5 retractable claws on the front paws with addition one dew claw along with back paws include four. Pumas have strong jaw and muscular necks and it have sensitive hearing ability and astounding vision for the dreadful hunting.

It is a carnivorous habitat and ambush predator hunt wide range of smaller and bigger prey. It mainly hunts cattle, sheep, horses, elk and deer. It tracks the prey by hiding in the bushes and rock ledges with full force jump on the hunting animal.

Amazing facts of Cougar:-

The cougar is also known as puma, panther or mountain lion. It is the second largest cat family in the North America. It doesn’t roar, but communicate through hiss, whistle, squeak and scream. It have slime body surface and round head with sharp ears. The height of the cougar will grow around 1.5 to 2.7 metres that is 5 to 9 feet.

However, the male cougar weight about 68 kilograms and females lesser in weight while compared to male cougar nearly 45 kilograms. The skin layer of the cougar reddish color and grayish tan on the underside and obtain black spot on the tail end.

Generally, it survives in the desert and mountain regions and established wide array of places like Western North America, little in Florida and majorly in South America. Usually, they make own home anywhere in the living surrounding and prey.

It hunts small animals in the wildlife like deer and other domestic animals. It also familiar to eat insects, cunning hunters and well skilled and stay hidden while they hunt prey and sharpen claws out-stretch to catch the prey. It also knows climbing over the trees to shelter and keep eating the prey safer around 6m that is 20 feet.

There’s no specific enemy for the cougars and it will interact while they ready to mate and it will happen any duration in the year. The female cougars can breed about 2 to 3 years and birth kittens from 2 to 3 at a time. The lifespan of the cougar 10 years and captivity cougar can survive around 20 years.
cougar puma

8 to 13 in wild and 18 to 19 in captivity.
Wild cougar 10 years and captivity 20 years
Excellent hunters.
Good swimmers and hunter
Slightly poor sense.
Poor sense
6 to 12 metres
8 feet
5 to 9 feet
53 to 72 kilograms
68 kg male and female 45 kg
Reddish brown or silvery grey

There are many differences between puma and cougar and you even know individually. You can know which one is the better in the cat family puma or cougar.

Generally, the cougar runs faster but lesser than puma and naturally built for short sprints and leaping well. It doesn’t suitable for long sprints to hunt or escape from other animals. Both, the puma and cougar have good hunting ability nevertheless cougar secure their living surrounding well.

The large number of puma hunting in various regions by the illegal hunters. The hunting was also prohibited in Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Suriname, Panama, Honduras, Paraguay, Venezula, Urguay, etc.

However, the cougar not legally killed in the California region but in specific situations like public safety risk the animal. The statistics expresses the record of hunting cougar average number per year between 2000 up to 2006 while it compared to 6 in a year from the 1970s.

The animals are not created to kill or hunt and it now hard to increase both the animals count. Now, the diverse awareness and captivity slightly increase the count every year.

Both the cat family almost similar facts but some of the little changes make big difference on the power and hunting tactics. Both can run faster for short distances, sharp jaws, swimming, excellent climbing and so on. Nevertheless, puma the cat family win cougar by the interesting power and unique ability.

In many circumstances, puma will win the cougar and it not fully based on the differences. The speed, weight, size and nature of the cat become the puma top in the position while compared to other cat family animals. Get ready to watch out the puma and cougar in the wildlife or other zoo.

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