Do’s and Don’ts when lion is near- Animal Video

Often, wild life lovers encounter wild animals in national parks or in wild life. The first reaction of every person is to capture moment in the camera but sometimes too much excitement ruins your plans and your enjoyment may turn into bad nightmare. So, better to see do’s and don’ts, when you are near to lion or in wildlife.

 Whenever you are in wildlife and see a wild animal. In excitement, you want to click its photos but there are some do’s and don’ts you must take care of.  

Usually, Tourists hanging out in cars at lion sighting, at same time, Lions felt threatened and roared at tourists and sometimes, they even attacked them. Suppose, they attacked on you, you would not have much of time to get in the car and move from there.

So, here are some do’s and don’ts you must be taken care of, while you are in wildlife.

No part of your body should be outside from the car. Only you protrude outside when you are in designated areas.

If you encounter any lion, do go indoors and use pepper spray if the lion is too close.

Do not make sudden movements and do back away slowly. Always make your alert because Lion attack will not give you much of time to recover. The lion reflex is very high.

As I said above, do not run in front of Lion and do not get panic.

Do not assume that alone animals need your help and do not feed them. They may harm you badly, become aggressive

Always stay in group and try to approach the lion through rear.

Do not touch the Lion Head and use the stick as the destruction tool, if possible.

Always, take care of this points. These are some of the points, you should have kept in mind when any Lion is near or you encounter wild animal in wildlife.

I am sharing one such video below where you can check what happens when you are trying to click Lion.

In the Video, a person tried to click Lion from the car, Lion got threatened and immediately responded to the person camera.

You can also check our animal video on lion and human. Why it is mandatory to stay alert while you are near to any lion.

I hope you like our animal series video and article on do’s and don’ts when you near to lion.

chirag sachdeva

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