Top African Wild Dogs attack on Impala videos compilation

African wild dog is also known as African painted dog. It is classified under the endangered species and it has already been disappeared of its original range. Out of the total population, it is assumed that 1400 are full grown. Wild Hunting dogs are always prey on impala. So, here you can see top African Wild dogs attack videos on Impala.

Wild hunting african dogs population are declining due to disease outbreaks and habitat fragmentation. It is a social animal and lives and hunt in packs.

Must see- Wild dog attacking a Impala

It is natural predators, and has been respected in several hunter gatherer societies. Although, it stands 60-70 cm in shoulder height and weighs only 20-30 kg. They have very strong bonds, hunting and living like solitar.

It lives in packs of 2-27 adults and pups. Average size in kruger national park is 4-5 adults. They are specialized hunters who hunts in packs at medium sized animals. It approaches the prey silently then chase it at speed of 66 Km/hour. The average chase last as far as 2 km, If animal prey is large then they repeatedly bitten on the legs, belly and anus until they stop running. The smaller preys are easily pulled down and torn apart in minutes. They often take 2-5 minutes to fill a medium sized prey.

They usually hunt on warthogs, wildebeest, rodents, hares, birds, cane rats, Impala, reedbuck, kob, Iechwe, springbok, oribi, duiker, waterbuck, zebra, ostrich, African Buffalo calves and porcupines. For small animals, one quick and well placed bite can do the work and kill its prey. Small animals are eaten entirely while large animals are eaten for meat and organs and like the skeleton intact.

Only lions can dominate African wild dogs. Even spotted Hyena also follow packs of African wild dogs for food. They eat on remains of prey killed by wild dogs. They are also fast eaters. And eat around 1.2 kg-5.9 kg per dog. One pack of 17-43 animals can kill an average of 3 animals in a day.

They are one of the highly successful hunters which has 80% average of success rate which is more in comparison to Lion.

 I am sharing some top animal Videos of African wild dogs and how they attacked on impala. Here are top attacks by Wild dogs on Impala. In every animal video, packs of african wild dogs are hunting on Impala.

African wild dog attacking Video 1-

African wild dog attacking Video 2-

African wild dog attacking Video 3-

African wild dog attacking Video 4-

African wild dog attacking Video 5-

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