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Want to see wild dogs vs impala fight? Wild Dogs always looking for its prey and hunt in packs. They are very dangerous when they hunt in packs. I am sharing one real Wild dogs vs Impala fight video, how Impala try to fight till its last breath in front of Wild dogs.  Wild dogs always attack on impala for their food.

The video link is given below-

Here Impala shown some character and fought hard till its end breath. Despite of many internal injuries received from hungry wild dogs, the innocent creature tried his everything to get rid of hungry wild dogs.

It is very emotional animal video to watch. I suggest sensitive viewers not to watch this video.

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It was caught on Camera in Krugar National park by someone who were at his camping sighting. The person was looking for sighting and suddenly seen a movement at road side. As person with camera went closer, he seen a wild dog completely dominating impala who was lying on the ground.

It was bit disappointment seeing Impala lying on ground and he missed the catch by few seconds but moments he captured was intense and emotional. Wild dog was hunting on alive Impala.

Impala on the other hand, tried its best to get on his feet but Wild dog was in no mood to give impala a chance to stand on its feet and biting and tearing away his flesh from stomach area. The Dog continued biting and pulling on Impala so strong that Impala finally on his feet again and in full pain.
Somehow, Impala managed to be on its feet but saddened to saw his hanging intestines. His intestines were hanging and he was fighting and defending himself from wild dog.

It was an emotional moment. After seeing Impala standing, we believe that impala would defend itself from wild dog attack but heart breaking moment is yet to come. The brave impala stands bravely against the wild dog and suddenly a pack of wild dogs join the fight and they make a circle and destroys the Impala, starts feeding on his alive body.

Impala made a last attempt to defend itself but it takes seconds for hungry dogs to put him down completely. Pack of Hungry dogs completely over take the Impala and finally he died. It is wild dog hunting behaviour, this is how they hunt.

Nature at its best, this is how food supply chain works. This is rare sighting, one can see in any national park.  Animal attacking video is give below-

Whatever thoughts and feeling you have after watching this video, please share with us in comments.

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